BlueNord: Progress of Final Stage of the Tyra Redevelopment Project

Jan 22, 2024

Oslo, 22 January 2024: BlueNord ASA’s ("BlueNord" or the "Company") is pleased to today provide an update on progress and expected timeline of the Tyra Redevelopment Project (“Tyra” or “Tyra II”) with reference made to the REMIT notification issued by TotalEnergies on 22 January: Postings (

Since BlueNord’s Q3 Report 18 October 2023, significant work scope on the completion of the Tyra II facilities has been executed. Leak Testing, which is essential to the safety and integrity prior to gas-in and the functional testing of key process machinery required for processing the gas is progressing well. The Tyra East Riser platform Echo was declared hot, with all pipelines connected. De-isolation of these pipelines has also commenced, which is an important step towards first gas. On Tyra West the first wells have successfully been unplugged and de-watered, with two wireline teams working in parallel on the Tyra West B and C platforms with the unplugging of wells.

An extensive amount of work has been carried out on the leak testing of the facilities and it is expected that all Leak Testing will be completed ahead of first gas export which could support an efficient ramp-up and a reduced ramp-up period. The key focus before the first gas export remains to ensure that the safety and emergency systems are fully functional. BlueNord will on a continuous basis update the market appropriately.

The Operator confirmed in its REMIT notification on 22 January that the project progress to date indicates, subject to the remaining level of operational uncertainty, that the current restart date of 31 March 2024 remains valid, but depending on project progress, it could be reached earlier in March.  Further, in the same REMIT notification, the Operator stated that the outcome of tests now suggests that a ramp-up to maximum technical capacity is expected to take 4 months from restart. 

This information is subject to disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.


Cathrine Torgersen, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
Phone: +47 915 28 501